• 21 Jan 2023
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The Accounts tab of the Synctera Console allows you to view all of your customers' accounts in one place, and to search among your customers' accounts.

Your operations team can use the Accounts tab to help them address customer service inquiries and fraud/AML investigations. 

You can use the Admin tab to add/remove users from the list of those who can view/edit accounts.

Accounts tab home page

Search for accounts by account number, customer first name, or customer last name. 

Filter accounts by account purpose or status.

Click on an individual account to view more information.

Information displayed after clicking on an individual account

Account type: Saving, Checking, Line of Credit

(where is overdraft feature displayed? where are linked LOC and overflow accounts displayed?)

(where are fees, interest, overdraft limits displayed? where are spending limits displayed? Daily / Weekly / Lifetime / Monthly # of transactions and maximum transaction amount, Individual transaction amount limit.)

  • For a Product that has fees, the types of fees can be:
    • Monthly, Annual, ATM_Withdrawal, Overdraft, ACH, Wire
    • Currently Fintech is calculating Fees and using Synctera to post it.
  • For a product that has Interest rates:
    • You can mention Interest rate
    • Interest rate history is maintained so that based on the interest rate for a particular period, the respective interest rate will be calculated daily and applied monthly

Account status

Account balance

Available balance

Account owner

Creation date

Employees who have edit access to account data can:

  • Open an account for the user - by emulating the FinTech if the user has the permissions to do so
  • Change the overdraft limit on an account
  • Freeze / Unfreeze an account
  • Send funds to another account if the user has passed KYC
  • Receive funds from another account
  • Initiate ACH external transfer if the user has passed KYC

Where are external accounts displayed? Are external relationships displayed? I.e. Account Holder, Employee, Branch, ATM, Officer, Primary Account Holder, Joint Account Holder, Authorized Signer

Employees who have view access to account data can perform following activities specific to External accounts:

  • View the external accounts of a customer

Employees who have edit access to account data can perform following activities specific to External accounts:

  • Link an external account to the user by providing Routing Number and other details of the account.

Transactions sub-tab

View the most recent pending, posted, and declined transactions. 

Click on an individual transaction to view more information about that transaction.

Cards sub-tab

View the cards that have been issued to the account.

You can issue a new physical/virtual card or re-issue a card.

Details sub-tab

Account purpose

Bank ID

Partner ID 

Bank routing number

Spend monitoring sub-tab

The Spend Monitoring feature is described here.  

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