• 19 Jul 2023
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    Synctera  Card

    Provide fast and convenient access to funds

    Synctera  Card enables you to issue virtual and physical  cards for your consumer or commercial card programs, and process  transactions safely and efficiently via your bank partner. Fully featured, Synctera  Card supports digital wallets, tokenization, spend controls, and customized artwork on physical cards to enhance your brand. Synctera also supports instant funding through push-to-card transactions so users can start swiping their cards immediately, and lets you make transaction approval decisions in real time based on your own business rules.


    Accelerate time to market: Launch a basic card program in as little as 30 days after securing your BIN sponsor, subject to your program requirements.

    Grow revenue: Earn interchange revenue on card swipes.

    Reduce risk as you scale: Easily add and share accounts across multiple banking partners without having to implement new card plastic specifications.

    Key features

    Connect with ease: A single API integration provides access to card issuance, PIN and signature transactions, transaction processing, and provisioning of cards to Apple Pay and Google Pay.*

    Pre-integrated with KYC, AML, and fraud protection: Reduce complexity with integrated card processes that work seamlessly with the Synctera platform and other Synctera services.

    Easy communication of card features: The List Card Products endpoint to allows you to list the card products that you offer your customers. You can for example use this to present the different card products available to your customers within your app, and to explain the features of the card products offered.

    *For pre-requisites of the implementation of Digital Wallets, see the API Guide.

    Flexible card program management

    Card program setup: Define the structure of the card program, configure available features, and configure how cards and transactions are processed.

    Card issuing: Issue and reissue virtual and physical cards. Request replacements for physical cards. Add cards to digital wallets.

    Card management: Activate cards, set PINs, and update card status.

    Branded cards: Create customizable physical cards that align with your brand or allow end users to apply their own style.

    Enhanced compliance and payment controls

    Audit trail: Maintain a record of all tasks associated with your bank partner’s BIN sponsorship duties.

    Granular fraud control: Dynamically approve or reject transactions in real time based on contextual data.

    Simplified authorization: Authorize transactions based on your own authorization rules or in conjunction with Synctera’s authorization mechanisms. You can configure this gateway yourself via Synctera API. For more details, see the API Guide.

    How it works

    1. Synctera works with your bank partner and other partners to configure and implement your card program
    2. You roll out the card program to your customers, submitting card issuance requests to Marqeta via the Synctera platform
    3. Customers use the cards for purchases and ATM withdrawals, with transactions authorized and posted to the corresponding accounts on the Synctera platform
    4. Your bank partner manages the daily settlement process through Synctera using automated reconciliation tools

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