Compliance Support for FinTechs
    • 28 Sep 2022
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    Compliance Support for FinTechs

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    Article Summary


    Synctera provides optional banking and compliance operational support to FinTechs through our Ground Control program. 

    Benefits for banks

    • Protects your bank from regulatory violations and reputational damage in the short term by ensuring that your FinTech partners are meeting their regulatory and compliance obligations
    • Allows your FinTech partners to get to market faster while they strengthen their internal banking and compliance operations
    • Gives your FinTech partners time to build the appropriate back office teams, partnerships, processes, and expertise into their business, so they have a strong foundation to keep your bank safe as they scale
    • Your FinTech partners minimize disruptions to customer onboarding and customer experience by having efficient processes to resolve disputes and KYC, BSA/AML, and fraud issues

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