• 09 Sep 2022
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The Customers tab of the Synctera Console allows you to search for your customers and view detailed information for all of your customers in one place. 

Your operations team can use the Customers tab to help them address customer service inquiries and KYC/KYB/fraud/AML investigations.

You can use the Synctera Admin tab to add/remove users who have view and edit access to customer data. To be able to view customers' Accounts and Cards, users will need to be given access to view/edit Accounts/Cards in user management.

Customers tab home page

On the Customers tab, click on an individual customer to view the following information:

Customer status: Active, Prospect...

KYC status: Passed, Failed... (including last date that KYC was run)

Customer created date

Information displayed after clicking on an individual customer

Accounts sub-tab

  • Internal accounts: Accounts the customer has with you.
  • External accounts: Accounts that the customer has linked to your app/product.

Clicking on an account will take you to the account's details on the Accounts tab.

You can use the Actions dropdown to manually link an external account.

Cards sub-tab

View the cards that have been issued to the customer.

You can issue a new physical/virtual card or re-issue a card.

You can activate a card that is not activated.

You can use the Actions dropdown to manually link an external card.

Details sub-tab

Personal information: Name, date of birth, last four digits of SSN

Contact information: Phone number, email

Employees who have access to edit customer data can edit the phone number and email address of the customer.

  • You can create a Prospect customer without any details.
  • For Active customers, first name, last name, status, and date of birth are mandatory fields
  • You can also store the following optional information:
    • Legal address, shipping address, and any other metadata that you want to capture about the customer
    • Relationships between a customer and other customers (e.g. custodian, beneficiary, partner). Note that this doesn't allow the related customers to operate the account, unless they have been mentioned in the account relationship also
    • Customer employment records or risk ratings

Addresses sub-tab

Legal address

Shipping address

Employees who have access to edit customer data can mark shipping address to be the same as the legal address or enter a different shipping address

You can expedite shipment / fulfillment

KYC information sub-tab

Identity outcomes

Watchlist outcomes

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