Daily change log
  • 18 Mar 2023
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Daily change log

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*Only includes dates when external facing changes were made.


  • Added the ability to sort cases by created or updated date.


  • Fixed an issue where country information was not being displayed correctly for customers outside the US.
  • Fixed an issue where users were not able to add notes.


  • We have now published V1 Transaction APIs. Please take a look to see if you would like to use them. Some of the major changes are:
    • Merging pending and posted transactions into a single resource /transactionsNew transactions resource will have 2 separate balances a pending amount and posted amount. These amounts will change but the underlying postings will remain immutable
    • Strongly typed payment rail schema eg card_transaction.
    • Each resource in /transactions represents once side of a transaction grouped together by transaction_group_id
    • Top level required description field defined by payment rail at time of transaction creation. Integrators will no longer need to dig through payment rail data to pull description to display


  • Added masked account numbers for outgoing ach (and return) descriptions


  • Added an internal account type 'Network Chargeback' for dispute handling


  • Fix to ensure metadata changes are captured as part of update end points for cards.


  • Added ability to filter cases by last updated time, on Synctera console.


  • Added additional user info to reversal transactions
  • Added the ability to configure company name that will be used for ACH transactions.


  • Some performance fixes for statements


  • Added disclosure tab under Business details on Synctera console.


  • Removed constraint that was restricting users from selecting more than 14 days of transactions using custom date filter, on Synctera Console.


  • Added the ability to configure SAR requrirement at account template level.
  • Added ability for Savings accounts to compound interest daily and perform monthly payout


  • Added support for unique IDs other than SSN to be passed for ID verification, mainly when KYC is done outside Synctera or done manually.


  • Added the ability to return interest accrued in the month. We now also display accrued interest on account details screen on Synctera console.


  • Made changes to ensure Fintechs who are under Ground control, cannnot act on their cases. Ground control cases can only be acted up on by Synctera team.


  • Fixed an issue related to interest when an account is opened after UTC EOD time even though the bank EOD is not hit yet.


  • Added more details about the check for mobile remote check deposit transactions.


  • While linking an external account with manual verification, it's now mandatory to have either an ACH routing number or a wire routing number, based on what the account will be used for.


  • Fintechs who are under ground control cannot take final action on specific case types


  • Fixed filtering on business page
  • Fixed an issue where external accounts were not allowed to be linked to Businesses who are not direct customers.
  • Fixed an issue where inapp push provisioning endpoint for android is missing some fields in the response


  • Added 'Founder' as a title for someone who is a managing person of a business
  • Added Authorized users and Signers view to Accounts page on the console
  • Added the ability to search account based on account nick name.


  • Removed forward slashes from posted date pattern


  • Added the option to allow releasing funds immediately when creating ACH external transfers


  • Ensured that all card transactions are enhanced.


  • Fixed an issue where for next day ACH, we were not selecting the 'next day' if the request came in after last window for ACH on the day or on a non-banking day.
  • Fixed some issues related to settlement date.


  • Added case tab to customer details.
  • Added relationship column to accounts tab under Personal Customer or Business Customer


  • Fixes to ensure we pass the correct transaction subtype for fraud monitoring and more related fixes.
  • In person list changed First name filter to First or chosen name
  • In person detail displayed chosen name in brackets
  • In documents table added a col for doc type
  • In documents table displayed a 'lock' icon if the doc is encrypted
  • Removed transactions tab from card detail view on the console for now since we currently have no way of filtering transactions specific to a card, especially applicable if there are multiple cards issued on an account (virtual & physical)



  • If a customer has a chosen name, display that in customer view on Synctera console.
  • Support the ability to filter cases by email ID.


  • Added the ability for users to upload documents to personal customers / business customers and accounts, using Synctera console.
  • Added cash deposit as a transaction sub type option for Fintechs who support large cash deposits.


  • Fixed an issue where child transactions (eg. just in time funding transactions) were not setting the correct posted_date.


  • Made document updates to clarify the usage of is_system_acc fields under internal transfer API.
  • Made adjustments to KYC reason codes that get flagged for review, to reduce false positives


  • Added the ability to set different fraud rules for business and personal customers.


  • Fixed an issue to ensure all global watchlist matches are displayed on watch list cases, and not just the first in the series
  • We now display whether a customer used SSN prefill or not, as part of KYC.


  • Fixed error message returned for ACH calls made with negative numbers.
  • Made changes to allow default hold post period to be in minutes instead of days.
  • Added additional sender information on incoming ACH, when available


  • Increased size of documents allowed to be uploaded to doc store to 32MB


  • Fixed the display of file name and file link display in the document view on synctera console


  • Allowed providing account ID in addition to account numbers while creating an ACH hold.
  • Added ability to associate a document to an account


  • Added some validations to card onboarding wizard on Synctera console.
  • Created an API to simulate ACH returns.


  • Fixed an issue which allowed businesses from marking themselves as an owner of the business instead of the actual business owner.


  • Added "Purpose" to indicate internal account type.


  • Display history of all KYC done on a customer.


  • Made a fix to ensure temporary hold transactions are returned for all payment rails except ACH.
  • Made some adjustments to KYC reason code handling


  • Change to ensure Line of Credit and Charge card statements include the sum of all payments received during the statement period instead of just the latest payment amount.
  • Fix to ensure T-minus 10 Fintechs cannot approve their own KYC / KYB cases.


  • Fixed an issue with notes while freezing customers.


  • Fixed an issue where we were dishonoring some ACH returns incorrectly.
  • Fixes some issues related to banning customers.


  • Some fixes to spend controls
  • Enabled sort by creation_time and last_updated_time for business customers
  • Added the ability to specify notes while freezing customers.
  • Added the ability to search external accounts based on customer ID, while creating outgoing ACH from Synctera console
  • Some fixes to support mobile remote check deposit
  • Added the ability to specify chosen_name while creating personal customers.


  • Fixed an issue where account linking was failing for some use cases
  • Added watchlist support for authorized signers


  • Changes to support international remittances


  • Made some changes to handle dishonored ACH returns that come later than 2 days.
  • Allowed re-kyc/re-kyc when the customer has been previously verified
  • Changes to show previously linked and unlinked external accounts on the UI


  • Fixed an issue where users were not able to pull external credit card transactions.
  • Added compliance report document type to document store.
  • Fix to process incoming contested ACH returns
  • Fixed an issue with case update web hooks.


  • Added statements tab in Account details view on Synctera console.
  • Added the ability to enter notes while freezing an account using Synctera console.


  • Fixed a breaking change to bring back field 'include_history' related to returning deleted external accounts.
  • Fixed an issue where external accounts linked to businesses were not marked as 'Verified'
  • Enhanced to have a link to the actual disclosure document that is stored
  • Change to allow sorting businesses by creation_time and last_updated_time


  • Changes to store actual disclosure documents in the master disclosure configurations


  • Fix to support custom billing periods for lines of Credit.


  • Changes to business view on console
    • Added email field for business customers
    • Added createdAt field for business customers
    • Added updatedAt field for business customers
    • Enabled sorting for business customers
    • Added frequent filters (email, status) for business customers
    • Normalized letter case for personal customers
  • Added applications tab to customer details and account details view on Console
  • Fixes to Mobile Remote Check Deposit
  • Adjusted some KYC reason code to reduce false positives


  • Fixed an issue where some KYC case details were not viewable.


  • Expose application_id in account object if included in account creation


  • Fix to ensure ACH file name matches Fed needs for MSB.
  • Added Disclosures and Document views to Customer details on Synctera console.
  • Show who (Bank / Fintech / Synctera) has to act on a case, on Synctera console


  • Fix to ensure empty email and phone numbers are handled correctly while banning customers.


  • Fix to ensure incoming ACH works for business accounts.


  • Automatically delete balance_history rows during account wipe
  • Enhancements to Internal tool for managing configurations
  • Fix to make it easier for Synctera Operations to act on KYC / KYB cases
  • Enhancements to use case explorer
  • Code clean up work around how we validate if a user can perform a transaction


  • Made changes to ensure freezing a customer or account will also result in a frozen card if they have any
  • Adjusted webhook configuration timeout
  • Cleaned up documentation
  • Synctera Console
    • Update tenanted group perms
    • Reconciled-view: correct next page button activation logic
    • Use case explorer improvements
    • Add markdown text area for blueprint step detailed description


  • Enhancement: Returning metadata in Card object
  • Enhancement: Updated our return rules to allow returns during the the full second business day from the original debit/credit item
  • Bug: Fixed a bug related to Pin debit transaction that was a standin by the network
  • Other performance and client library fixes.

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