FinTech Launch Checklist
    • 21 Nov 2023
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    FinTech Launch Checklist

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    This document contains all action items that you need to complete in order to launch in Production with an internal testing group. Note that there are activities that require completion on the Synctera side that are not denoted here. The timelines in parenthesis are the amount of time to completion by other FinTechs based on previous launches. By no means is your FinTech bound by these timelines, but it is meant to provide you with a sense of time and effort it will take to complete these items. 

    Phase 1: Get started

    Phase 2: Solutioning

    Phase 3: Due Diligence and Matching

    Phase 4: Implementation & Onboarding 

    (6-9 weeks)

    Cards checklist

     (4-8 weeks)

    Apple & Google Wallet checklist

    (4-8 weeks)

    Instant Account Funding / Instant Push to Card checklists

    (~4 weeks)

    Other tasks

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