Post-Launch FinTech Support
    • 12 Oct 2023
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    Post-Launch FinTech Support

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    Congratulations on pushing the application into Production! This page outlines how post-launch support will look like for you and your team. 

    Inquiry Specific Support
    Who to ContactWhen to ContactWhat to IncludeHow to ContactBackup Email
    SupportReach out to Support if you need help with any of the following:
    • A question or inquiry about Billing
    • A question or request for troubleshooting a technical issue
    • Investigation into the status of a payment
    • Card Shipping Status
    • General Support
    • Feature Request
    Please include the following details:
    • In the subject line, please include a Priority [Critical, High, Medium, or Low]
    • In the body of the email, please include the following:
      • When the issue occurred (if applicable), including date, time, and time zone
      • Link to customer/case/transaction
    • The issue you are experiencing in as much detail as possible

    Create a Request via
    Compliance ConsultationTo request a Compliance Review of a Product, Feature, Policy, or Bank RequirementPlease include an overview of the review being requestedCreate a Request via
    Compliance OperationsTo ask a question about Compliance Operations (KYC/KYB/Fraud) or to Check on the status of an open CasePlease include the link to the open Case or overview of your Compliance-related questionCreate a Request via
    Customer SuccessAdopting new technologies, products, or changes to the program. Please include a brief description of the product or feature you'd like to engage withCreate a Request via

    How to Assess Request Priority

    We aim to review all requests within one working day, but it is helpful for our customers to indicate the severity of an issue when requesting support in the Zendesk form. Use the following guidelines to select the appropriate priority for your request.

    • Low (No impact on production, not time-sensitive) - Typical day-to-day issues should be considered low priority
    • Normal (No impact on production, time-sensitive) - Normal priority should be selected when your issue is typical but more time-sensitive in nature
    • High (Production impacted) - High Priority should be selected when an issue is impacting your business production
    • Urgent  (Production halted) - Urgent issues are evaluated immediately and will call engineers to action regardless of the time of day that a request is submitted. We kindly ask that you limit the use of the "urgent" priority setting to true emergencies.

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