Compliance Support
  • 05 Jan 2023
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Compliance Support

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Synctera Ground Control

End-to-end banking and compliance operational support

Having Risk and Compliance policies and procedures is one thing, but having the resources to execute them is another. For companies that launch a new FinTech app or embedded financial product with Synctera, Ground Control is a program that provides end-to-end banking and compliance operational support - free for the first six months. This resourcing will enable you to complete your day-to-day banking and compliance operational functions without hiring your own staff. This helps you get to market fast while ensuring compliance obligations are met, and gives you time to build your back office in the right way.

Key features

Synctera accesses your Synctera Console to provide:

KYC support

  • Review and decision KYC cases (related to OFAC watchlists, PEP monitoring, synthetic fraud, etc.)

BSA/AML support

  • In accordance with your policies, investigate suspected money laundering transactions
  • Package Unusual Activity Report (UAR) referrals and send to bank partner via Synctera Console

Fraud support

  • In accordance with the your policies, review suspected fraud transactions and cases

Dispute support

  • Perform intake from customers and open Dispute case in Synctera Cases
  • Manage the entire customer disputes lifecycle, including escalations to Synctera Operations Team and communications of resolution decisions to customers

Additional key features

  • Synctera can advise you on how to build out your compliance and operational capabilities in a way that meets your long-term needs
  • You are still responsible for customer complaints, fraud losses, and regulatory violations
  • You are still responsible for conducting quality assurance (QA) of the compliance support being provided by Ground Control
  • You must sign a contract with Synctera

Benefits for FinTech builders

  • Increase speed to market by avoiding the bottleneck of getting your banking and compliance operations functions completely in place before you launch
  • Have peace of mind that your app is compliant from day one
  • Minimize disruptions to your customer onboarding process and overall customer experience by having efficient processes to resolve disputes and KYC, BSA/AML, and fraud issues
  • Take your time to build the appropriate back office teams, partnerships, processes, and expertise into your business, so that you have a strong foundation to keep you safe as you scale

You may qualify for free Ground Control if you are

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