How we calculate API Availability
    • 06 Oct 2023
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    How we calculate API Availability

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    This document describes how we calculate the API Availability. We use this definition to create the Synctera Service Uptime SLA Monitoring (Link TBD). FOr more information about this, please contact


    The following definintion is taken from the Synctera SLAs - Service Level Commitments (Link TBD)

    Downtime is defined as a period where the Error Rate across the Synctera API exceeds ten percent within a given minute (with a minimum of 100 transactions) for incidents categorized as Priority 0 (P0), Priority 1 (P1), or Priority 2 (P2). The committed service level of 99.9% uptime applies to these priority levels. Downtime does not include periods affected by Priority 3 (P3) or Priority 4 (P4) incidents.

    Monthly Uptime Percentage Calculation

    The Monthly Uptime Percentage is measured over each calendar month. It is calculated as the total number of minutes in a month, minus the number of minutes of Downtime suffered from all Downtime Periods in that month, divided by the total number of minutes in that month. The result is rounded to the nearest minute. Synctera provides the Insights uptime report (link to be provided) for reference.

    If the Monthly Uptime Percentage for any priority level drops below the relevant threshold, a penalty will be applied in the form of a Financial Credit for the Client. The following month’s fee payable by the Client will be reduced as defined above. The level of penalty will be calculated depending on the number of hours for which the service was unavailable, minus the downtime permitted by the SLA.

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