• 23 Feb 2022
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    About the t-minus10 workspace environment

    The main interface for the t-10 environment is called the t-10 Workspace. It's primarily accessed through the header navigation (or directly through adding /workspace at the end of the Synctera app) URL: app.synctera.com/workspace.

    The header navigation is designed to offer up additional navigation options, depending on how far in to the program you have progressed.

    The default workspace offers up links to the Sandbox and the Live testing UI environments:

    Once you have been successfully matched with a bank partner, you'll get access to an additional Production environment for your final, customer-facing solution:

    Note that each of these environments have their own unique API keys that can be accessed through their individual Admin>Developer Tools menu links as documented here.

    About the Sandbox UI
    The sandbox UI lets you use all of our API's in a safe, secure environment without any of the risks associated with real money or making billable API calls and transactions.
    Our Live testing UI
    This environment allows you to begin working with real accounts and real money. Live testing will reflect your relationship with Synctera (t-minus10) as your Bank partner and should only capture customer information for testers and your FinTech employees as outlined in our Terms and Conditions.
    The Production UI
    You'll unlock the Production UI environment when you have been successfully matched with a partner bank.

    Navigating the t-10 Workspace

    By design, we show all steps and individual tasks on your journey to launch. These can be quickly scanned while scrolling through the entire site.

    Interacting with each task or banner, will display a side panel where additional details, learning materials and required steps are captured. Some of these links will take you to various sites in a new browser window or tab, while other actions rely on engineering efforts and making API calls.

    The left navigation allows you to quickly jump between sections or visit other sites for further research and browsing.

    As the platform grows and additional features and capabilities are added to the Synctera platform, you'll see that our navigation and task cards will update as well.

    For an overview of changes and feature enhancements, you can refer to our release notes.

    Here's how the links behave:
    • Tasks will auto scroll you to the corresponding section and task of the Workspace.
    • Company info loads the Admin pages where you save and manage the details of your FinTech and organization.
    • Developer tools opens the Synctera Developer Portal site in a new tab or window.
    • Learning Center loads this site you're on right now!

    How to generate an API key for the various environments

    1. Make sure you're on the environment for which you want an API key. 
    2. If your login has ADMINISTRATOR privileges, you will see a link on the bottom left titled "ACCOUNT ADMIN".
    3. Selecting the link loads the Admin panel where you can proceed to the Developer Tools left nav item.
    4. Here you'll see the API Keys link where you can issue and revoke API keys for the current environment.

    About API keys
    Once generated, be sure to capture the unique API key as you won't be able to view it again after dismissing the overlay.

    How to navigate to your API key page

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