Synctera for Builders and FinTechs
  • 27 May 2022
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Synctera for Builders and FinTechs

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Everything you need to build, launch, and scale a world-class, bank-supported financial product

Want to bring a new financial product to market? Whether you’re looking to prototype, release an MVP, or bring a new service to your existing customer base, Synctera has the platform, experiences, and programs to help you build and launch a financial product fast, and scale it over the long term. Our easy-to-use, end-to-end platform lets you build fast and embed banking, debit cards, payments, and more in your offering. After building and testing your product, leverage our Liftoff and Ground Control programs to get set up with a bank partner that can support your services and your business goals. Synctera is the fastest, most complete way for financial industry experts and newcomers alike to build, launch, and scale a financial product.

The t-minus10 workspace guides you through the entire build, test, and launch process: t-minus10 is a guided workspace to build an end-to-end app on the Synctera platform, optimize bank partner, and launch

Leverage programs to help you launch fast and scale

Liftoff: Connections to bank partners that are compatible with your use case, user base, timeline, and preferred contract terms - so you can launch and scale

Ground Control: Complimentary, short-term banking and compliance operational support for participants in our Liftoff program

Key features

Complete FinTech platform: Use a single API to access everything you need to embed banking, debit cards, payments, and compliance in your offering. Many of our services are sourced from best-in-class third-parties, and Synctera saves you from having to negotiate, contract, and integrate with multiple vendors.

Find the right bank partner: Whether you are looking to quickly launch an MVP or scale a fully-fledged offering, our Liftoff program helps you find the bank partner that is right for your unique needs, objectives, risk profile, and more.

Compelling pricing: We offer competitive pricing across our services that is simple, transparent, and usage-based.


Grow revenue: Earn interchange revenue from card swipes, or charge fees if that’s part of your business model.

Accelerate time to market: Find a launch window that works for you, start developing today, and get up and running in just weeks from contract signing.

Streamline compliance: Our Ground Control program and robust case management capabilities make it easy for you and your bank partner to manage operations and compliance, and maintain a transparent, productive relationship.

Infinite scalability: We have programs to meet your needs at any stage of your lifecycle, from prefunding through enterprise scale.

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