t-minus10 live testing environment
    • 11 Mar 2023
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    t-minus10 live testing environment

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    Article Summary

    A live testing environment: Test your app with real money, with a real bank, in the t-minus10 live testing environment. Issue cards, create accounts, mimic flow of funds in a production environment, and more. When you’re ready to launch, flip to production without changing a thing.


    • Demonstrate success: Increase your chances of finding. abank partner and investors by demonstrating real fund flows, embedding compliance, and building a waitlist.
    • Get to market fast: t-minus10 dramatically decreases time to market by taking you through all the steps required to build, test and launch your FinTech app.

    How it works

    Set up profile: Create your profile, then get access to API keys.

    Configure components: Pick the Synctera components you need to bring your use case to life. We’ll work with you to figure out the types of accounts required and the desired fund flows.

    Test customer flows: Integrate and test your application flows for customer sign-ups in the Synctera platform. Use APIs to test KYC and watchlist monitoring; create deposit accounts and fund those accounts; issue cards and add them to your wallet.

    Test money flows: Transact and move real money between accounts in our live testing environment, mimicking the flow of funds in a production environment. Test ACH, internal account transfers, card payments and get the hang of reconciling accounts across your test customers.

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