• 09 Sep 2022
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The Transactions tab of the Synctera Console allows you to view all of your customers' transactions in one place, and to search among your customers' transactions. 

You operations team can use the Transactions tab to help them address customer service inquires and fraud/AML investigations. 

You can use the Admin tab to add / remove users who have access to customer data. If you need to change any default assignee or escalation settings for Fraud & AML, you can do so on the Synctera Admin tab.

Transactions tab home page

Search for transactions by transaction type or account number. 

Manually create an internal transfer or ACH external transfer.

Click on an individual transaction to view more information.

Information displayed after clicking on an individual transaction

Transaction description



DC sign

Hold expiry date

Created date

Posted date

Effective date

From account

To account

File ID

Trace ID



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