Set up a Waitlist
    • 10 Mar 2023
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    Set up a Waitlist

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    Waitlists are a simple and straightforward way to validate your idea or value proposition. It can be a powerful signal on how much potential your FinTech idea has. Waitlists will help build your list of customers prior to launch and will give you a community that you can engage and test with. So create a waitlist, put it on your webpage, and start marketing your value proposition. At this stage, it’s the promise of your product that will spur people to join your waitlist and become future customers.

    We’ve partnered with Viral Loops to bring you the best waitlist management suite of tools. A discount code can be used when creating an account.

    Learning materials

    NFX: The new mindset for product market fit

    Viral Loops: Prelaunch Campaigns for Fintech Startups: Why they matter

    Viral Loops Case Study: How Infinity gained 2,5K+ early adopters with Viral Loops

    Viral Loops Case Study: How Robinhood’s referral program brought 1 million users before launch

    How to get started with Viral Loops

    How to use and set up Viral Loops

    1. Create an account
      Create an account at

    2. Get your discount code
      By using the discount code “SYNCTERA”, you get a 30% discount on your Viral Loops account.

    3. Create a waitlist
      Pick from one of the many templates to start your waitlist. We recommend the Startup Pre Launch template. Don’t forget to choose the double opt-in email verification feature!

    4. Integrate with Synctera
      Once your waitlist is operational, copy your api-key from your viral-loops profile and add it in the “Edit your waitlist” task. 

    From Viral Loops siteTo your profile page on the Synctera platform

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