Introduction to SFD Datasets
    • 11 Jan 2024
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    Introduction to SFD Datasets

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    Synctera’s Secure File Delivery (SFD) datasets are a complement to the data that’s available via Synctera Insights, our analytics and dashboarding product.

    This document describes the various datasets that are available. These datasets are updated once per day at 6pm PT.

    The columns of each table are defined and described in the Synctera SFD Mutability Guide

    Each file is CSV, with a row header and PGP encrypted, using your organization's public PGP key. PII such as SSN and Account Numbers are included in clear text.

    For more information:

    My Data Datasets

    Dataset NameDescriptionNotes
    AccountsCustomer account information
    • We include EOD Account Balance for convenience
    • Account # is unmasked
    CustomersInformation about end-customers who are in the process of signing up for Synctera-partner products.
    • Includes KYC/KYB Status
    • Customers may be people or organizations
    • Includes customers who do not yet have accounts established
    • SSN/TIN/NID are unmasked
    Customer AddressesCustomer address information
    • Customers may have > 1 address. Each address is on a separate line
    • We include the # of addresses for each customer, for convenience
    TransactionsTransaction-line reporting
    • Account numbers are masked
    • Includes originating and destination account
    CardsInformation about card issuance
    • Includes Tracking Number and PAN last-4
    End of Day Account Balances
    • These are generated as part of our End of Day (EOD) closing process
    Case Resolution OverviewA collection of useful metrics about case status, type and how long each case has been open
    • This does not include details about cases

    Extended Datasets

    These datasets are not part of My Data but have been requested by our customers. (More information coming)

    Verafin-Format Datasets

    In Q1, 2024 we’ll add support for Verafin-formatted datasets. We’ll support

    • Demographics Version 7.2.1
    • Transactions Version 7.2.2

    For more information about the contents of these datasets, please contact your Verafin representative.

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