Marketing Materials cases
    • 18 Aug 2022
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    Marketing Materials cases

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    Article summary


    The back-and-forth process for getting marketing approvals is often something that occurs over email or external channels, resulting in challenges when it comes to maintaining an audit trail or ensuring all the proper channels have been engaged. With Synctera, everything occurs within the platform, ensuring all changes and approvals are kept relative to the partnership in context.

    When to use the Marketing Materials case type

    The Marketing Materials case type is intended for partnerships that require a seamless experience for sharing for getting approvals on FinTech marketing materials when creating a product offering or updating an existing products' marketing.

    A workflow example for a typical Marketing Material Case 


    Creating groups and users

    You can create a number of user groups and users that will automatically be notified of any new marketing material case. 

    It's always a good practice to have a case notify a group, in case one or more of your users are not available - and it's also much easier to add/remove users from a single place when you have a large team.

    Configuring assignees and escalations for marketing materials 

    Configuring drop down fields

    Creating cases

    Initial case creation

    Title description and urgency

    Attaching files to a comment and submitting for review

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