Secure File Delivery Frequently Asked Questions (SFD FAQ)
    • 11 Jan 2024
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    Secure File Delivery Frequently Asked Questions (SFD FAQ)

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    What data are included in SFD?

    How do My Data and Secure File Delivery relate?

    • SFD files are generated from the same tables that power Synctera Insights. This guarantees that the data have the same information

    How often are these files updated?

    • The files are updated daily, soon after 6pm PT.

    How do I access these files?

    • You’ll need to log in using your SSH key and download the files to your local environment. Then, use your PGP private key to decrypt them for your usage. For more information, please read this article

    Why do you PGP-encrypt the files?

    • To guarantee the security and privacy of this data throughout the delivery process. They can only be decyrpted by a suitably authorized PGP key holder. This key is unknown to Synctera

    What’s the delivery schedule for these files?

    • By default, daily. We can adjust according to your schedule

    How do I sign up for Secure File Delivery?

    Is this a Full Dump or a Daily Version?

    • It’s a full dump

    What’s the timetable for moving to Incremental/Daily Updates?

    • We expect to provide daily versions in Q1, 2024 (was: late in Q4, 2023). When we do this, you’ll be able to opt for Full or Incremental datasets.

    How is PII such as Social Security Number managed in SFD?

    • All Synctera platform data are encrypted at rest. Sensitive PII including SSN, ITIN, and related fields are stored within the Synctera Vault and are referenced by a Vault PII token.
      When fulfilling a Secure File Delivery request, the Vault PII token is transformed back into the PII data, additionally encrypted to the customer's Public PGP key, and delivered via Secure FTP (SFTP).

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